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10 healthy reasons to eat bitter gourd

10 Healthy Reasons To Eat Bitter Gourd (Karela)

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Have you ever thought of having bitter gourd or karela? I’m sure you must have started making faces just thinking about it. The first feeling that comes to our mind seeing or hearing it is bitterness. Lots of bitterness. Though they are loaded with bitterness but are also loaded with health benefits.

Bitter gourd or bitter melon comes in light and dark shades of green depending on the region they are cultivated. It is a seasonal vegetable and can be found in summers in India. It is a rich source of phosphorus and regular use of bitter gourd purifies your blood and is very beneficial for type-2 diabetes.

Bitter gourd is also known as karela, hagalkai, karela, karle,and korola in different parts of India and is used widely for making pickles, juice, and other various recipes. The vegetable is consumed mostly when it is raw green in color. The seeds in the raw bitter gourd are white in color. And turns bright red in color when ripe and yellowish in color. The texture of bitter gourd is crunchy and has lots of water just like capsicum or bell pepper. It is very popular in most of the Asian countries for its health benefits and medicinal values, and for it bitter taste of all other vegetables.


Bitter gourd also known as bitter melon or bitter squash or karela (in India)  is a fruit-vegetable that is loaded with health benefits that can result in a healthy life if included in your diet. One of the most well-known benefits of bitter gourd are to help manage diabetes, improves your skin health, reduces the chances of cancer and also boosts your immune system.


As the name suggests it is the most bitter fruits or vegetable available. Bitter gourd, bitter squash or bitter melon comes from the family of squashes, gourds, and melons that are why it is known by three different names in different parts of the world.

Bitter gourd is mostly known for its extremely bitter taste but do you know bitter gourd is used for its beneficial healthy reasons.

These are the 10 healthy Reasons To Eat Bitter Gourd (Karela)

Type Two Diabates
Bitter Gourd Helps in Type-2 Diabetes

Bitter melon has been used for its medicinal value for a long time. The most common disease is diabetes. Bitter melon has some amazing anti-diabetic substance like charantin which lowers your blood sugar level and also bitter melon has a compound called polypeptide which is like insulin. Also, it increases your metabolism of glucose. You can drink one cup of bitter gourd juice daily in the morning to get the benefits of the vegetable. Stop consuming if you experience abdominal pain or fever and consult your doctor. And also keep an eye on your blood sugar level because excess drinking of the bitter gourd juice can lower down your blood sugar level more than required.


Bitter Gourd for Skin Problems and Acne

What if you get up in the morning and notice an acne on your face? Nightmare!! Isn’t it? Try bitter gourd for your beautiful skin too. Bitter gourd is an amazing blood purifier which cleans out the toxins from your blood and reduces the chances of any pimples and acne getting by your side. So ladies get a shot of bitter gourd every morning with a squeeze of lemon juice and say bye to all the skin problems.

Digestion Problems

Bitter Gourd for Digestion problems

Bitter gourd is an excellent food for indigestion and constipation as it is rich in fibre. It improves your bowels movement and eases the constipation problems. It releases gastric juices which helps food in better digestion.

Manage cholesterol

Bitter Gourd to Manage Cholesterol

Bitter gourd is also very helpful in managing cholesterol levels and also reduces the chances of heart attack and stroke. Bitter gourd is rich in folic acid and iron which helps in lowering the chance of heart attack and stroke.

Improves Immunity

Bitter Gourd Improves immunity

As now we know bitter gourd is full of vital nutrients and a regular dose of bitter gourd improves your immune system by making your body stronger from inside to fight the infections. Bitter melon is an excellent source of vitamin C which we all know is a must for our immune system. Vitamin C helps in building the immune system strong to fight infection.

Weight Loss

Bitter Gourd Helps in Weight Loss

Bitter gourd is low in calorie and high in fibre and water content which prevents frequent strikes and gives you a feeling of a full stomach. It also increases your metabolism and flushes out toxins from your body. It is also high in nutrients. So if you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight start including bitter gourd in your diet from today.

Liver infections

Bitter Gourd Heals Liver infections

Excessive consumption of alcohol and viral infections are some of the reasons for liver infections. Genetic disorder and diabetes are also some of the reasons. An Early stage of liver failure symptoms includes fatigue, skin discolouration and diarrhea. As it reaches advanced stage it will become more serious. To avoid this start drinking bitter gourd juice daily in the morning. Continue to drink for a week to see results. The bitter gourd helps in healing liver problems.

Skin Infections

Bitter Gourd Treats Skin infections

The outlook of your skin is determined by what you eat. By taking good and proper nutrition for a healthy skin. Bitter gourd being a natural blood purifier helps in improving your skin from inside. Regular intake of bitter gourd helps in treating skin infections like psoriasis. It also treats other fungal infections like ringworm.

Healing Properties

Bitter Gourd’s Healing Properties

Bitter gourd has amazing healing properties. It helps the wounds to heal faster. Controls the blood flow and also prevents the blood from clotting.

Prevents cancer

Bitter Gourd Prevents Cancer

It is said that consuming bitter gourd juice can actually kill cancer cells, or can prevent cancer cell from multiplying. The fruit has anti-cancer properties and the seeds prevent the formation of cancer cells. Bitter melon has been known to stop the production of glucose, inhibiting the growth of pancreas cancer cells. Taking 30 – 40 ml of bitter gourd juice may also help in preventing other cancer cells such as breast cancer and liver cancer.

Bitter Gourd Juice


Bitter gourd has many of the healing properties. But should be taken in a small amount every day as it can cause pain in abdominal if consumed more than 30-40 ml.

Expected mothers should avoid taking this juice as it can cause stimulation in the uterus that can lead to premature labor pain.

No doubt it is an ideal drink for the diabetics, however, it should be taken after consulting with your doctor.

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