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8 Tips For How To Promote Hair Growth

8 Tips For How To Promote Hair Growth

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There is no woman in the world who is ever satisfied with her hair, me neither. Hair has always resembled with beauty and glamor. That is why almost every woman wants that extra effort that will help them in achieving healthy, luscious locks. But for those beautiful long locks, there are no easy shortcuts. Speaking about hair growth, on an average, our hair grows about ½ an inch every month. Apart from that your hair growth also depends on your general health and genetic factors also. Encouraging hair growth needs a little time and effort which will give you the healthy and shiny hair that you have always desired. So let’s check out some simple tips that will help you in promoting healthy hair growth.

Here Are The 8 Tips For How To Promote Hair Growth

Ensure to have a balanced diet

Ensure to have a balanced diet

There is a famous saying that says ‘’you are what you eat’’. Whatever we eat reflects our hair just like our skin and our body. Our hair is mostly made up of protein, so our hair needs protein to keep up its shine and health. Other than that for healthy hair, we need to incorporate vitamins, minerals, and proteins. A well-balanced diet makes sure that your hair gets all the goodness to stay healthy and long. We usually spend a lot on random products which are chemical loaded while avoiding our diet which can surely help us in getting healthy hair. Consume a diet that includes nuts, green vegetables, fish, and chicken. These foods are great for promoting hair growth.

Don’t forget to trim on regular intervals - Improve hair growth

Don’t forget to trim on regular intervals

It may sound a bit weird, but If you really want to grow your hair faster, don’t forget to trim your hair on regular intervals. Visit your hair stylist every three months and get your hair trimmed. Getting your hair trimmed every three months will also keep split ends at bay. Getting your hair trimmed regularly will increase the hair growth, but do not cut your hair or don’t overdo the trimming.

Keep your scalp clean - Promote hair growth tips

Keep your scalp clean

If the basic of your hair is not clean and healthy it will directly affect your hair. Keeping your scalp clean is very important when it comes to healthy hair. Also, it is very necessary that you use products that are free from chemicals and are healthy for your scalp and hair. Go for products that are apt for your hair type to ensure healthy scalp and hair.

Rinse your hair with cold water at the end of the shower - Improve hair growth tips

Rinse your hair with cold water at the end of the shower

Hot water seems tempting when it comes for a nice relaxing bath, but it is really bad for your skin and hair too. Hot water strips of the natural oil from our hair which makes them dry and brittle. To avoid this go for lukewarm water instead of hot water, and after you are done with your head wash and bathing, give your hair the last rinse with cold water to seal up the cuticles and trapping the moisture in the hair.

How to simulate hair growth

Go for silk pillowcase

Sleeping on silk pillowcase avoid your hair getting tangled and hair breakage. Other fabrics like cotton pillowcases are rough on your hair, and rub your hair whole night and cause a lot of friction. Silk pillowcases are soft on your hair and also ensure that you get better sleep and wake up with less tangled hair.

how to improve the growth of hair

Massage your scalp for healthy hair growth

Whenever you get time to massage your scalp gently with your fingertips. This will ensure to stimulate blood circulation which will promote hair growth. Also massaging your hair will release natural oil that will keep your hair strands moisturized. Also, every once or twice a week go for a good oil massage. You can use coconut oil, olive oil for a good massage.

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Hydrate yourself

Drinking water is good as well as important for our whole body. Water helps in flushing out all the toxins and maintains the body function. Drinking enough water will ensure that your hair, body, and skin keep hydrated. Try and drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to keep hair problems at bay.

how to promote hair growth

Avoid tight hairstyles

Tying your hair into tight hairstyles makes your hair stressed and weakens your roots. This cause’s hair and root damage in a long run. Avoid teasing your hair and roots with tight hairstyles, instead, goo for other hairstyles that are a bit loose.

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All of us always look for secret tips and tricks for long, beautiful locks. There are many factors that help in getting healthy hair growth. So these were some tips and tricks which will help you in achieving great luscious hair. so go ahead and try them and see which one works best for you.


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