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Best Food For Healthy Kidney

6 Best Food for Healthy Kidneys – How to Avoid Kidney Infections

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Kidneys are bean shaped organs that are best known to perform function as remove extra Organic Molecules from our blood; it also helps in removing wastes of metabolism. Kidney comprises many functions like filtration, re-absorption, and secretion.

What Is Kidney Infection?

When bacteria enters our urinary tract and bladder and multiply, resulting kidney infection. It is one of the most uncomfortable and painful situation for a person. Also people with weak immunity can catch kidney infection very soon. Although kidney infections won’t cause any kind of serious damage if treated early.

Below listed are some symptoms, which can tell you could have kidney infection:

  • Pain- painful discomfort is noticeable in kidney infection. Also you may feel slight pain in your genital and in your lower back.
  • Fever- patients suffering from kidney infection from some time could also feel chills and slight fever that can soar up to 100 degree.
  • Sleepy- kidney infection makes your body weak from inside out. So all you want is to sleep all day night. The body needs to fight the infections and germs, so it needs to take rest.
  • Urge of Urine- If dealing with kidney infection you will often feel the urge to urinate. Although you have just emptied your bladder, also you will feel like you cannot empty your bladder completely.
  • Cloudy Urine- kidney infection leads you to cloudy urine. Also your urine will have a foul smell and yellowish in color.
  • Puss and Blood in Urine- people with severe kidney infection, often complain of pus and blood in their urine. This happens when kidney function gets disturbed.

CKD also known as CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE has hit a large number of people today. After Cardiac Arrest and Cancer, Kidney Disease is the third largest killing disease worldwide. We all know that eating a healthy and balanced diet is compulsory for a Good Health. If you are dealing with Kidney Infection you will be happy to know that there are plenty of Super Foods that can help you cure your Chronic Kidney Disease. Including these Best Kidney Foods in your diet will help your kidney to be healthy.

Best Food For Kidney Infection

Here are The 6 Best Food for Healthy Kidneys

Spinach To Prevent Kidney Stones

Spinach is high in Vitamin A, K and C. It is a great source of Magnesium, Magnesium prevents calcium from binding with oxalates which in turn prevents formation of kidney stones. Spinach is also a great source of Beta-Carotene which helps in boosting your immune system and protecting your vision.

Apple For Keeping Kidneys Healthy

This Super Food Apple is a great source of Pectin. Also apples are a great source of Vitamin C. Apples helps in reducing cholesterol,  also decrease the risk of cancer and keeps your kidney healthy. High in fibre and anti-inflammatory benefits, apples could be eaten raw or cooked. Don’t throw away the peel.

Garlic For Healing Kidney Issues

Garlic is high in anti-inflammatory and cholesterol lowering properties. Adding garlic powder to your meals will make your meals tasty with giving you garlic health properties. Cooked garlic will not lose its antioxidant property but will reduce its anti-inflammatory properties. Garlic also helps reducing or removing the kidney problems.

Red Bell Peppers For Keeping Kidney Healthy

Red bell peppers are an amazing choice for Healthy Kidney. It also contains lycopene, an antioxidant that protects you from cancer also. Not only red bell peppers are tasty and low in Potassium, they are also a high source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid and fiber. If you are on a Kidney Diet, do include Red Bell Peppers to your diet in any way you want.

Cauliflower Your Kidney’s Friend

Loaded with Vitamins, Beta-carotene, Minerals, cauliflower helps in lightening the burden on the kidney. It is one of the Best Foods for Healthy Kidney. Cauliflower is high in Vitamin C along with Fiber.

Fish To Prevent Fat Deposit On Blood Vessels

Fish is a great source of Protein, along with high source of protein fish is also high in Omega-3. These healthy fatty acids help in preventing cancer. Fish also helps in lowering the bad cholesterol and keeps heart healthy, in return which prevents fat deposits on blood vessels thus helps our kidneys to be healthy . Some of the healthy fishes are Tuna, Mackerel, and rainbow trout.

Things to Avoid For Keeping Kidneys Healthy and Keeping Kidney Infections In The Bay

Easy on Salt, Keep Kidneys Happy

We all need a little amount of salt in our body in order to maintain a fluid balance. We can get this by having fruits and veggies. High dosage of salt in your diet can be a welcome offer to kidney disorders you should avoid access use of salt intake in order to keep Kidney Infections at bay.

Caffeine Causes Kidney Infection

You love to have Tea or Coffee in the morning or evening? Do not intake in excess. Caffeine products like tea, coffee, soda can lead your Kidney’s to infections. It also increases blood pressure and stimulates blood flow which can put strain on your kidneys.

Meat and Dairy Products Can Cause Kidney Infection

Animal protein and dairy products are highly acidifying. Over eating of animal protein can really harm your kidneys which can increase the risk of Uric Acid. To avoid kidney infection, stay light on meats and dairy products like milk, cream, butter and cheese.


These best foods will help you getting a healthy kidney. Include these best foods in your shopping list to grab the most of it. This information is meant for general health information. Before incorporating those in your diet do consult you renal dietitian for a kidney friendly diet. Try to buy fresh fruits and vegetables to grab the nutrition as much as you can.

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