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Hair Color? Know Which Shade Will Go With Your Skin Tone

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The fastest way to transform your look is to opt for a new hair color from your natural hair color. A new hair color can instantly change your personality without much effort. But sometimes we go for a new hair color and find out that the color didn’t suit you, right? The main cause could be behind your skin tone. The right tone of color can give you the depth to your beauty whereas the wrong shade can make your all overlook dull and weird. So it really important to choose the right shade of hair color that compliments your personality. So let’s check out which hair color shade will suit you perfectly and things to keep in mind when you go for a hair color.

Hair Color? Know Which Shade Will Go With Your Skin Tone Read Here

hair color tips

Find out your skin undertone ( the vein check)

Go in natural sunlight whenever you have to check your skin’s undertone as artificial lights could change your skin tone, as non-natural lights like different colors of bulb can change the original color of your skin. So, standing in the natural light, take a closer look at your veins in your hands and also in your wrist. If your veins have a greenish tint, then you have a warm skin undertone, and if your veins are of a blue or purple tint, then you are a cool skin undertone. And if you have a mix of blue and green shade then congrats, you are a neutral skin undertone, which means any hair color will look beautiful on you. So now that you know which skin undertone are you. Let’s go ahead and check out what shade and color will suit your skin undertone.

dark brown hair color tips
Brown shades of Warm skin undertone

There are so many different shades of brown like dark chocolate, mocha, chestnut brown, cinnamon, golden brown, mahogany and ash brown. Choose shades like cinnamon, golden brown, and ash brown if you are of warmer undertone.
dark brown hair color tips
Shades of brown for Cool skin undertone

Opt for mahogany, dark chocolate, chestnut and mocha if you are of a cooler undertone. These hair colors will definitely compliment your skin tone and you will look ravishing.

red hair color tips

Red hair color

Red is a head turner, so if you are thinking to go redhead, be ready for all the stares. It is one of the tricky colors because red color has a lot of shades. So how to choose the perfect red hair color for yourself? If you have the fairer skin tone, go for a bright orange-red as this will give you a beautiful contrast. As fairer skins are usually on a paler side the orange-red will light up your features. Other shade of red that will go best with fair skin are medium auburn, ginger soft, and copper with a brown tint. For warm skin tones go for shades like cinnamon soft red, rich copper red, cherry reds also look ravishing with dusky skin tone people.

golden hair color tips
Golden hair color

Golden is the most popular color when it comes to coloring our hair. people will warm skin have beautiful brown and hazel and light brown colored eyes which are the strongest features of them. For warmer tone people it is best to avoid colors like beige, ash blonde and blue, as these colors will wash out your face and skin. Another thing that you should keep in mind that do not go more than four shades from your actual hair color. The best shades that would compliment your skin tone are honey brown, chestnut, golden brown and golden blonde. The best way to opt a gold color for your hair is to wear it with some other shades of browns and reds; this is because the idea of going full gold head is not that good idea. A full gold colored head is a complete no-no. Always mix it with some beautiful highlights of browns.

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So yes, these were some useful tips for you to follow before head for a new hair color. Do keep these points in your mind before you think about coloring your hair. As these tips will surely help you out in selecting the right hair color shade, which will get you compliments on your personality and enhance your whole look.

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