16 Skin Care Tips That Will Give You Younger And Clearer Skin
Every day we live our life in rush, every minute of our life is priceless but in this rush we leave our skin behind and never do skin care properly we ignore our skin health completely, just because it costs us lot of time and we cannot spend  time in front of mirror or in the bathroom, but in...
multani mitti face pack benefits

4 Fuller Earth’s (Multani Mitti) Face Packs And The Benefits

Multani Mitti also is known as fuller’s earth is an all natural and beauty staple. Multani Mitti got its name from its origin where it is found, Multan a place in Pakistan. It comes...
Summer Skincare Product Giveaway

Summer Skincare Product Giveaway – VLCC Product Combo

Hello guys, So this is a birthday giveaway, which has been already started. So my birthday is on 15th of April and I thought of sharing my happiness with you guys because you people...
Everyday Makeup Products

6 Everyday Makeup Products That Are Essential For Every Girl

I was never into so much makeup products until I got married this January. Before my marriage, the things I used for my makeup was Garnier white face cream, kajal as an eyeliner and...
bb cream vs cc cream which is best for me

Everything About BB And CC Creams You Need To Know

You must have seen a wide range of skin colored liquids lay up in the makeup and beauty section in the malls and other drugstore makeup counters, and you are always confused and try...
Uses and benefits of coconut oil featured

15 Most Amazing Uses And Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconuts are famous and very well known for their versatility. It is one of the fruits that have been proven to be the best when it comes to benefits of health, skin, beauty and...

Amazing Homemade Hair Oil That Prevents Hair Loss And Promotes Hair Growth

These days we all face so many skin and hair problems. So what is the main reason for these problems? The reason is our bad lifestyle. Which includes stress, excess intake of junk food,...
hair color tips

Hair Color? Know Which Shade Will Go With Your Skin Tone

The fastest way to transform your look is to opt for a new hair color from your natural hair color. A new hair color can instantly change your personality without much effort. But sometimes...
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